Opt for an Apprenticeship Program
Obtain Your Z Card
The Z card is an absolute must for anyone who would like to work a career in container shipment. This card is otherwise known as an MMC, short for a Merchant Mariners' Credential. It is a type of photo ID that shows your crew position and qualifications. The prerequisites needed for such a card are very limited. Namely, that you be a US citizen, be at least 21 years old, have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (or be in the process of applying for one), pass a drug test and pass a physical exam, and list any and all sea service that you have partaken in, if any.
Get Certified in Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping
Because merchant mariners have to work on seafaring vessels that operate more than 100 miles from the shore, it is expected that you be certified in Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping, or STCW for short. Getting this certification is a simple process. You need to attend a four-part safety training class that covers survival custom writing skills, firefighting techniques, first aid, and personal safety.

Have a Specific Career Path
If you have not yet decided on the kind of container shipment job that you are suited for, before you can apply for container shipment jobs, you must first understand the various professions that are present on a container ship, and the advantages and disadvantages of each job. There are several entry-level positions that you can expect to do, such as the ordinary seaman position, wherein you will first learn the fundamentals of seamanship during a specific training period, after which you will be expected to do things such as paint fixtures, lash gears, and chip away at any collecting rust. There are also wiper positions and steward utility positions that involve basic maintenance and housekeeping respectively.
Be Ambitious
Being ambitious is good advice in any context, regardless of the job that you are applying for, but it has a certain context in container shipment jobs. This is because a ship is effectively a closed environment, in which the total number of individuals that you have to deal with on a daily basis is very limited. As a result, everyone is familiar with everyone else. If you can impress the people that matter in a shipment job, you will find yourself rising quickly through the ranks, much faster than you would have at many other professions.
Opt for an Apprenticeship Program
If the shipment job that you are applying for has an optional apprenticeship program, you should consider attending this program. This is because although it will be tedious at first, apprenticeship programs will allow you to rise through the ranks much more quickly than you would have been able to otherwise. New deckhands that are freshly initiated into container shipment jobs can find themselves becoming able-bodied seamen or a qualified man of the engine department much faster if they attend apprenticeship programs.

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